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Hofmann Bendigo

In 2010 Hofmann Engineering acquired 5 hectares of land, and workshops from Thales Australia Pty Ltd.

This was formerly known as ADI Heavy and Precision Engineering Facility, Bendigo, Australia. The Australian Government built the facility in the early 1940's to manufacture heavy precision equipment for the Defence Department. In later years it also produced key equipment for infrastructure projects and provided technology development for Industry. The facility encompasses 20,000 m2 of factory space with crane lift capacities up to 100t with 17.25m under the crane hook.

From these sound engineering roots Hofmann Bendigo has been formed. A key focus of the facility will be manufacture of heavy fabricated product that requires heat treatment and subsequent precision machining and assembly. Manufacture of large mill shells and heads will be a key focus. This complements the supply of other drive components, like girth gears, gearboxes, inching drives etc manufactured at Hofmann Engineering in Perth.

Specialising in:

  • Heavy Fabrication
  • Gearbox Manufacture & Overhauls
  • Heavy Machining
  • Heat Treatment
  • Site Services


25 Bushmaster Court
North Bendigo, VIC, 3550
Phone: (+61 3) 5440 7400